from blogger to typepad

I have been blogging for about a year now. Sometimes I blog about silly things (like Snakes on a Plane, which, by the way, turned out to be totally awesome). Sometimes I have blogged about my struggles with faith, church, Presbyterianism, etc...The only thing I have been consistent about in blogging is my inconsistency. That will probably not change. I may not be making a shift in the frequency of my blogging, but I am hoping that this new blog represents a shift in the quality of my blogging.

With that said, I am stepping up to the plate and making a typepad blog. I am calling it "Transitions" because at this point in my life it makes sense (as "Faith's Edge" made sense a year ago). The next few posts will be about the various life transitions that I am going through. I'm not abandoning Faith's Edge all together, but it will probably be more of a reference point than anything else; a way of showing that I have grown or not grown in some of the key areas of my life.

So, what do I want this refocused blog to be? Well, BRC has been talking alot about blogging as prayer. I guess that's a bit of what I'm doing here. Some of it is a flashier way of journaling, which has historically been one of the best ways for me to connect with God in full introvert mode. Sometimes I'll just vent, but I also want to be more conscious about sharing the books, songs, films, tv shows, and articles that bless me, amuse me, annoy me, puzzle me, or just pique my interest.

I guess I also want this to be a little bit of a documentary. I am moving out of one very significant phase of my life (the seminary phase) into the beginning of being a full time "professional" ministry-type. It feels like a huge move. I know it is what I have been working for, but it feels huge. I want to walk you through that transition and talk about the struggles I'm experiencing, especially for those of you who won't get to walk along side me on the next step.

So enjoy the new blog...