From nature...

So in light of Earth Day coming this week and my last sermon on creation care, I thought I would blog about creation in the only suitable way: through pictures. These are some things that I have been blessed to see and catch with my own camera. There's an obvious theme here, that being water. When I am near water I feel closest to God and to creation. Water is amazing in that it can both sustain and take life. It is harsh enough to drown from it, but gentle enough to clean with it. Few things reveal the nature of God (to me) like water. Happy Earth Day! 


IMG_0812 Niagara falls summer '07

IMG_0856 Schoon Lake, NY fall '07
 IMG_1137 Newport, Rhode Island summer '08
IMG_0954 whale watching, Monterey, CA summer '07IMG_1150 Gull watching, Newport, Rhode Island, 'summer '08
IMG_0062 winter '10, Springfield, OH

Sunrise, Virginia Beach, Summer '09

Monterey, Summer '08 IMG_0098
Monterey, January '07   

From San Anselmo to Pittsburgh

I would apologize for not blogging in such a long time, but really if you're upset about that, you have bigger issues to wrestle with. I've been busy! Deal!

Where to begin? Well let's start with the actual trip. We were supposed to be having our car shipped by an auto transport company. They were supposed to email us a day before we left so that we would know when they were coming to pick up the car. Well, the day came and went and we heard nothing. We contacted the company who proceeded to tell us that they might have a driver for us sometime between the 22nd and the 29th. Might. I reminded them that our moving date was May 22nd. They seemed unphased. Needless to say, we panicked. After franticly trying to find another car shipping company who could get the car out of our possession before we left, we resigned ourselves to towing the car ourselves.

Picture, if you will, my wife and I driving across the country in a ten foot uhaul with our subaru on a flatbed trailing behind us. That was our reality for six days. We were told not to take the truck above 45mph. The first day or so, that's pretty much what we did. After awhile, we started speeding like every other truck on the road. Still, the first day of gettnig used to the truck was painfully slow. We had hoped to make it to Vegas on the first day. We only got as far as Bakersfield.

It gets worse. We were using the GPS system my in-laws gave us for Christmas. On our second day, we entered a address for our second destination which was supposed to take us about twenty miles south of the Grand Canyon. Well, the address that the GPS was taking us to was not where we thougt we were going. We should have known something was wrong when it took us into the southern tip of Utah. Around 11:30 pm on day two, the GPS was telling us that we were getting close to our destination. The road signs wer telling us that we were coming up on the northern tip of the Grand Canyon. A little later, we were told by the GPS that we had arrived at our destination. We were in the middle of nowhere and it was midnight. Again, panic set in. I had to do a three point turn with the truck and trailer (it was probably more of an eleven point turn) and we drove back to where we last saw civilization. To make a long story short, at 3:30am, we pulled into a Travelodge in Kanaph, Utah. We had an 11am checkout time. We were not happy.

The rest of the trip was less eventful and therefore more pleasant. Day 3 we made it from Kanaph to Albequerque. Day 4, Albequerque to Bartlesville, OK where we were going to visit Marnie's grandfather. Day 5, stayed in Bartlesville. Day 6, Bartlesville to Terra Haute, IN. Day 7, Terra Haute to Pittsburgh where we immediately moved everything that we own into our new apartment (which, incidently, is frickin' sweet!) Day 8, I started work. We saw alot of the beauty of God's creation. We appreciated very little of it. Our country is too damn big!