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March 15, 2011


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Aric Clark

It sounds like it was painful. The honesty of your reflection through this process has been holy. I thank you for that.

You may be suited to academia, but I disagree that you are unsuited for pastoral ministry. You continually prove you have these gifts in reflections exactly like this one.

If I may offer a bit of unsolicited comfort - I do not believe it is your job to get them to some specific destination. You can only hold the space open for good spiritual discernment. They have to do the work. So you should not be worried about the "results" of these discernment sessions as much as whether you were faithful in holding them open. I think you are asking exactly the right kinds of questions and providing good meat for them to chew on. They may not choose to engage - or they may be more deeply engaged than it appears. Honestly you might not know till years after the fact whether anything good came out of this process. But you are walking the right walk in the meantime.

Margaret Aymer

Hey Derrick,

Re college prof, welcome to the work of Teaching Elder. Many profs who come to seminary from the church remark at how much pastoral ministry they have to do in the seminary.

Praying for your discernment.

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