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February 24, 2011


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Derrick Weston

I left out a pretty obvious "pro" on the pro/con list. Shifting to PT minister would give the church some financial breathing room and perhaps buy some time to "right the ship" as it were.


Derrick, this looks very well thought out, and should really help your people to think concretely about what this change means. Let me say this as an encouragement for this process. I recently gave our session a survey to take our temperature on Spiritual development, Leadership development, and welcoming new people. Anyway, I was shocked to find that among numerous church activities people rated committee/session work as one of the most important elements to their spiritual development. I think this means that there is great potential for conversations about the business of the church to have more of a spiritual impact than I realized.

Derrick Weston

Thanks, Davis. That is encouraging and it is something that I tend to overlook. While I certainly think that varies from session to session and committee to committee, I think it can be generally said that people see their committee work as an act of dedication to God.

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