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December 31, 2010


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I like your idea. I read something on John 1 that the Logos was understood to be more than just a word or even speech, but the underlying plan and structure of the cosmos! Pretty cool.

I am preaching on the presentation in the temple -- how Jesus' parents fulfilled the righteousness of the Law, setting him an example for his life. From there, that worship and faithful obedience are always a good starting place, whether for a new year or a resolution or raising a child or whatever.

Aric Clark

I'm preaching on Simeon and Anna - street prophets who hung around in the temple. Anna especially, a widow who was in the temple day and night - she must have lived in the courtyard - ie: she was a homeless crazy woman. Jesus even as a baby is received by all these crazy people - mysterious wizards from the east, drunken shepherds raving about ufo's, a grief-maddened future-seeing homeless women, a mute rural priest and, a strange man who grabs the baby away from his parents and says "I can die now I've seen this child - lookout violence and danger is in your future". A locust eating, cave-dwelling, animal-skin wearing cult leader... I mean, it is a strange cast of characters that introduce Jesus.

Derrick Weston

Aric - do you ever post your sermons or record them? I would like to hear this one.

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