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September 16, 2010


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Doug Hagler

I had a weekend off last week and the youth took over and did a great job. Well, not a weekend off, because I spent 19 hour straight with them at a lock-in at the church to kick off Sunday School.

This time I'm looking at 1 Timothy 6 and Luke 16 - both about wealth.

I'm going back and forth, seeing how much nerve I have. I want to talk about what we are called to do with our wealth, our resources as a church, and really call people out, myself included to make sure we know which side of the unbridgeable gap we end up on; whether we choose to be truly alive.

I want to tell them that in 20 years, at most 50 years, if we don't change a great deal, the church will be gone. Do I have the guts and the social capital to actually say it and be heard? That I don't know.

But I do know that in reading and thinking through these passages, I want to live life such than I am carried out on my shield, you know?

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