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September 07, 2010


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Aric Clark

I started a series last Sunday on Shepherds. The Congregational Life team in my church decided the fall kickoff should have a rancher/roundup theme so I am doing a series to compliment that.

Last Sunday I preached Cain & Abel, Abram & Lot - pointing out that again and again through the Bible God chooses shepherds to be the vehicle of his providence.

This coming Sunday I am preaching on David & Goliath - another shepherd God chose for an unlikely demonstration of his upside down kingdom. The theme is being chosen out of our weakness rather than our strength. That our vulnerabilities are often precisely where God's intentions for us lie.

colleen Weems

How did I not know about this??? I don't even preach, but I have a lot of catch up reading to do here!

Derrick Weston

Aric - I like the theme!

So where does the congregation find themselves in the discussion of shepherds? How do people who normally think of themselves as "the flock" respond this emphasis.

Colleen - no worries. My blog isn't nearly as well written as yours!

colleen Weems

I highly doubt that Derrick! You are the author of one of my favorite FB updates of all time! May I quote you? "Derrick is enjoying the Baconator. Unless you are Marnie, in which case Derrick is enjoying a salad."


I'm finishing a series on Hebrews 13 with verses 10-16, and am talking about "going outside the camp", probably also talking about the ending of Mark. Basically, to find Jesus we have to leave. I'm thinking of using escalating examples of going outside the camp - Rick U-C breaking the law to give people water in the desert, Homeboy Industries reaching out to gang members, volunteers bringing truckloads of medicine to Iraq just days before Shock and Awe began.

Don't have a way to bring it home yet, though. I don't know the town well enough to know how's outside the camp here yet. I might just ask them to tell me.

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