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July 28, 2010


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irwin kula

Thanks so much for mentioning my got it exactly right. Our intolerance is actually just a mask for our uncertainty. Rather than feel our uncertainty and know that it is actually the divine attribute of humility - that about the most important issues and most complex issues we ought not be 100% certain - that is inviting us to learn more, grow and develop and connect more deeply- we mask it because it is anxious in an often dismissive of others certainty. I think I have come to learn and show in y book Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life that certainty is the enemy of compassion. Thanks for wise post.
rabbi Irwin Kula

Derrick Weston

Thanks for chiming in Rabbi Kula! Your book is on my reading list for my vacation in late August. By the way, it was an incredibly generous gesture for you to give those of us in the new clergy program copies! I'm looking forward to taking in more of your wisdom.

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