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June 23, 2010


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1. I really like the excellent listing action happening in this post.
2. That is, of course, in addition to really liking your thoughts and words and the like.
3. Your "about" is out of date, because let's be honest. You can only call yourself a "recent" grad for so long. Keep it together Weston.

Derrick Weston

1. Lists are fun!

2. Thank you!

3. I updated. Sorry for the lapse.

1. Also, this is Patricia. Not a creepy stranger. Not that strangers reading your blog is creepy. You know what I mean.
2. I can now rest easy knowing your "about" section reflects reality.
3. I am a big fan. Just saying.

4. Also, now that I looked at your new about, I need to say more things. Mainly that the Amazon wish list as your contact = objectively hilarous.

Derrick Weston

Patricia, I'm glad it's you and not a creepy stalker, though I'm disappointed that my creepy stalkers seemed to have disappeared since my earlier blogging days. Oh well.

I figure if people really want me to get back to them, they should buy me stuff. Makes sense to me.

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