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January 26, 2010


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Nick Larson

Hey, thanks for sharing this lovely post. Julia and I have had our thoughts and prayers with you both three through all this. Some love is flowing your way from california!


>>"I don't think theological integrity is more important than relationships."

Amen, broseph.

I was recently reading an essay by Parker Palmer that talks about living in the 'tragic gap' between what is and what should be. "When I collapse into the reality of what is, I am likely to sink into corrosive cynicism... When I collapse into pure possibility, I'm likely to float off into irrelevent idealism."

The gap is where the tension is and where the action happens.

>>"I know it's naive, but I feel like the church should play by a different set of rules. No winners and losers. No defeated opponents, no bragging victors."

This sounds a lot like consensus, which is something, being quaker, Parker Palmer would advocate for as a decision making process. (As opposed to a vote where the majority wins) Consensus requires everyone to stand in the tension and be creative until the group can find something that nobody can say no to.

Keep listening and sharing and being vulnerable and feeling pain and letting grace emerge. If everyone does that, then we can hope that the tension will break our hearts open rather than breaking them apart...

Derrick Weston

Nick - Thanks for the love! I hope you guys get to meet our son soon. He's pretty great!

Kyle - Thanks for the encouraging words. I've always appreciated Parker Palmer. The tension is a hard place to live, but a good place to be.

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