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May 04, 2007


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Anitra Kitts

I like the stories of the disciples post-resurrection. One of the reasons I like them is that they are very clearly struggling with trying to figure out what comes next - and in the void of information or imagination, they keep going back to what they knew which is very understandable. Its most clearly laid out in the second ending of John where Simon & the boys go back to fishing - and at the end of the night of their efforts, they got nothing. I like how Jesus keeps breaking in - with food and finally A Clue for what the new life should look like. I imagine that Simon would have appreciated the information a little sooner but I'm guessing that was one of the sweetest breakfasts he enjoyed in his entire life. Peace & may your breakfast arrive soon.

Derrick Weston

I just preached on that passage from John (as I'm sure did lots of folks because it was a lectionary reading a couple of weeks ago). That breakfast comes with a commission to 1) love like Christ loved (agape not phileo),2) to tend Christ's sheep and lambs, and 3) keep on doing it no matter the cost. Sounds easy enough!

Thanks, Anitra! Here's to eating fish on the beach!

Aric Clark

Well I'm not so sure I like the taste of Presbyterian or Reformed Kool-Aid (right now), but I'm all about the liturgical worship Kool-Aid.

You've hit the nail on the head with the source of your significance. Remember therefore the blessing that is Marnie.

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